Individual Therapy for Adults

Taking a collaborative approach to helping you overcome the lingering side effects of traumatic experiences

You don’t have to do this alone.

Whether your experience(s) happened a few weeks ago or 20 years in the past, you don’t have to continue suffering. Those painful experiences don’t have to get in the way of you living a satisfying and full life both personally and professionally. 

Everyone’s experience of trauma can vary greatly and so there’s absolutely no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about seeking support. 

Don’t you want to finally rid yourself of these heavy, emotional barriers that keep popping up, maybe even out of the blue sometimes? 

How it works

Deep Assessment

We’ll work through a series of questions so I can understand the depth and length of your traumatic experiences.

Life Experiences Timeline

You’ll map out your most significant positive and negative life experiences so that we know what to focus on first.

Work on The Whammies

We’ll start by knocking out the heavier or bigger experiences first, and work our way down to the smaller ones.

New Neural Pathways

I’ll help you recalibrate how your mind and body process the memories of your trauma, so you can self-regulate and catch any triggers before they create problems.

Individual experiences and the road to healing will look different for everyone. This is why, while I do use the Narrative Exposure Therapy approach with many people—as briefly outlined above—I may incorporate other methods of therapeutic support when necessary. 

Are you ready for a realistic and sustainable approach to experiencing hope and healing?